Vastu for office


Vastu for office in Gurgaon:

An Office or workplace is a location where someone works for his or her employer, a place of employment. Such a place can range from a home office to a large office building or factory. The office should have decor items placed in the right direction to pave the way for prosperity and positivity in your work.

Vriddhi Consulting will give you proper guidance of Vastu for office in Gurgaon or workplace to get Success and Good Profit which enhances the productivity of your business and through this, you can get more Orders, Balance Peace & Harmony in your business.

Let we explain some important tips of Vastu for Office in Gurgaon :

tips of Vastu for Office in Gurgaon are specifically for employees who have no idea for selection of their offices or in the allocation of relevant work areas for different departments. Such people have wondered whether Vastu tips can be of any benefit to them. This writing is intended to assure them that designing their workstations/cabins and a cubicle as per Vastu leads to better job satisfaction and success The use of Vastu Shastra for offices can provide you that extra edge.

* Placement of Desk: The placement of the desk is of vital importance. Always sit against a solid wall. Never have a window behind your back. Keep the blinds drawn if there is no other place to position your desk.

* Hang up some bright, cheerful pictures on the walls around you.

* Your work table should be in the South-West sector of the room or cabin assigned to you. The desk should be placed such that your back is not towards the door.

* Orient your face correctly so that you are facing either East or North.

* Avoid sitting under a beam.

* South-West corner of your room/cubicle/cabin should not be vacant Keep a heavy filing cabinet or a plant in that corner

* Place your computers, fax machines, telephones, etc. in the South-East corner. The computer monitors should be placed towards East of South- East.

* Any awards or trophies should be displayed in the South¬East sector.

* Make sure that the chair you sit on is comfortable and is adjusted to the right height. You will produce much more work from a comfortably aligned chair than you will from an uncomfortable chair of the wrong height. You will also feel happier and enjoy sitting behind your desk.

* Avoid clutter in your office. Sort out files and papers on your desk from time to time.

* The size of your desk, as well as the size of your office, indicates your power and status in the firm. You will progress faster in your career if your desk is larger than usual for your particular Job.

* For a workspace that faces away from the entrance, adjust the desk or table to increase your view of the door or opening. If that's not possible, add a mirror to the wall or use a desk or computer-mounted convex mirror to give you a view of the entrance. A wall mirror will also open the workspace visually and reflect the motions in the space adding a sense of energy.

* If your office is in a dim or out of the way location, add lighting to the entrance, perhaps in the hall outside your door.

* Plants can be used along with mirrors and bright lighting to open up narrow and cramped spaces. Plants have the advantage of enhancing the environment and bringing in positive energy. You can add pictures of nature and plants also to enliven a dull working area.

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