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About Vastu Consultant

We provides professional consultation services on Indian metaphysics of Astrology and Vastu around the world. At Vriddhi our vision is to simplify and expand Vedic sciences so that knowledge of masters and visionaries can be applied in context to the needs of modern society and can act as a tool for personal and business transformation. So CHOOSE TO GROW!

Know about Vriddhi Consulting

We are committed to business and personal transformation by providing useful tools and strategies based upon ancient sciences of Vedic astrology and Vastu. Our consultations are based on the concept of Panchtatwa(five elements: earth, air, water, fire & ether) & their interplay in our birth charts & buildings.

Business Consultations involves the application of Astrology & Vastu to help Businesses & Entrepreneurs to oversees just about every aspect of the business & ensure that the strategic plans are working effectively and the company remains competitive.

Personal Consultations involve detailed analysis of health graph, Relationships patterns, career choices and detailed solutions to respective concerns. We help in selection of important dates for the major events of life.

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Why Choose us

Pt.Ritu Malhotra is lady on Mission. She strongly believes that Rishis have envisioned Vedic Sciences to bring light in the life of human civilization by helping them to choose Right path. She is trained through Guru Sisya Parampara in Himalayas. She also has deep interest in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Pranayam, Yantra, Mantra and homa..

Her Remedies are based upon all these tools and she tries to match the remedies according to the needs of Jatak..

Vriddhi Consulting

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Online Astrology and Vastu Classes

Our Services

We provide astrology and vastu consultancy, not only in India but across world too.

Class Room Program

You can learn sitting at home. It is a fully interactive course with questions, answers and discussions.

Matri Shakti Jyotish Vidhyalaya

Online Astrology Courses

Atma – Abhishekam is designed to serve as foundation program for all the higher level study of Jyotish Shastra.It will be a platform for both professional astrologers and persons on path of self-discovery.Abhishekam mean pouring of water, milk, leaves, flowers.....

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Online Vastu Courses

Vastu is related to managing the five elements of earth, Air, water, fire, and space in the building .As we all are aware that human beings and entire cosmos is the interplay of five elements so management of elements is also very important .....

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Our Products

Sleeping Ganesha

For balancing earth element


Hand Crafted Durga In Pure

For Rahu Remedy


Inscence Holder

Very good for north east


Durga Stone Work & Brass

Direction remedies for south east


What client says

I am extremely grateful to my clients for the wonderful testimonials they have written about their personal experiences of an astrology reading or written astrological report.

Vriddhi Consulting is committed to provide Accurate and Satisfied Consultation and Classeson Astrology and Vastu